Frosty Twins : Troyer's Frozen Novelties, formally Imperial Popsicles, Old Fashion Flavor made in Ohio
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Frosty Fudge Bars
Frosty Twins
Rich and creamy and chocolately . . . that's the best way to describe our incredible ...More »

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Frosty Orange
Frosty Twins
When you bite into our Orange Frosty Twin, you will think you are eating an orange!&n ...More »

About Frosty Twins

We loved Frosty Twins growing up. Our parents would drive miles just to bring home those tasty frozen treats. We didn't care how far mom and dad had to drive; we just wanted those delicious Frosty Twins. They were the best! The Banana tasted just like a banana. The Orange was just like eating an Orange. And then the Chocolate Frosty Fudge Bar - WOW - they were so creamy and chocolaty! We could have eaten them everyday. . . if mom and dad would have let us!

Now we are grown up with a child of our own and we would drive miles to find those "Double the Size. Double the Flavor" Frosty Twins for our daughter. Then one day we had the opportunity to buy the company, and now we can share them with you.

Times have changed, but at the Frosty Twins factory, two things haven't; we still make them the same old fashion way - one at a time and they still have that old fashion flavor. That's why we can say "Double the Size. Double the Flavor" and mean it.

Our company is built on old fashion values, our faith, our commitment to quality handmade products, and our loyalty to you - our customers.

We hope Frosty Twins will become a fun part of your memory making with your family!

Jerry & Chris

Frosty Twins
P.O. Box 183
2236 US Route 62
Winesburg, OH 44690
Tel: 330-359-0708
Fax: 330-359-5585
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Our Frosty Cherry is amazing. It's like eating a Bing Cherry right off the tree! ...More »

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