Frosty Twins : Troyer's Frozen Novelties, formally Imperial Popsicles, Old Fashion Flavor made in Ohio
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Frosty Banana
Frosty Twins
Want to eat Banana without the peel! Try our Banana Frosty Twin.  This is our si ...More »

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Blue Raspberry
Frosty Twins
Our Blue Raspberry is a fun flavor amoung young & old.  It has a Big Bold Fl ...More »

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I'm Soooo glad I found frosty twins!!! I was with my 92 yr old mom when I saw them & she thought I'd lost my mind!!
Thank you thank you!! They are delish!!!

My daughter loves the Blue Raspberry. It's her favorite flavor. Thanks for making them!

I have NEVER tasted any ice pop SO GOOD! It's like eating chocolate candy. . . without the calories!

These frosty twins are FABULOUS! The fudge bars are so creamy!!! No other ice pop compares to these!!!

I heard about Frosty Twins and decided to try them. I don't usually like popsicles. But I love Frosty Twins! We've gone thru box after box this summer. I can't wait to try the Lemon Up flavor.

Your Frosty Fudge Bars are the creamiest and chocolatey fudge bar ever! I can eat the entire box!

I LOVE THE BANANA! They beat everyones - hands down!

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Rich and creamy and chocolately . . . that's the best way to describe our incredible Frosty Fudge Bar.  You'll need more than one box in your freezer! ...More »

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